Thermal NSZD® provides technical support for planning, design, installation, start-up and operation of your Thermal Monitoring Stations. The field equipment can be installed by an authorized contractor or by you or your environmental contractor with our technical support. Upon activation, we provide a subscription service to the NSZD Dashboard, a secure web page that displays daily updates to temperature probes and NSZD calculations. The key steps to get started are:

Thermal NSZD® Project Timeline

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Discuss applicability and benefits of Thermal NSZD® for your site.

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Basic Data Form

Provide us with simple information on conditions at your site.

Project Planning

Receive our recomendations on system layout, cost, etc.

Open Account

Obtain technical support for system installation and Thermal NSZD® Dashboard service.

System Installation

Install monitoring system using authorized contractors or our technical support.

Activation and Monitoring

Access Thermal NSZD® Dashboard for daily updates to temperature profiles, NSZD rates, and cumulative NAPL destruction.

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